How To Attach Roofing Felt To Your Roof

how to attach roofing felt

How To Attach Roofing Felt To Your Roof

If you are installing a shed, garage or other structure that is going to have an eaves area that you need to protect from the elements, then you should learn how to attach roofing felt to your roof properly. The texture and color of the felt are very important factors in determining how well it works to protect the area. In order for the texture to do its job properly, you must prepare the area. Whether you are doing this professionally or are doing it yourself, the following steps will provide you with information on how to attach roofing felt to your roof properly. If you feel that you can do this without the proper tools or directions, then that is great – you probably can just purchase some roof felt from a hardware store and have it applied for you.

The first step in learning how to attach roofing felt to your roof correctly is to prepare the area. You should make sure that there is no moisture on the surface of the ground, as well as any surface leaks you may have in your home. If you are installing on top of an existing roof, you should first check to see if the top layer of roof insulation has been installed properly. If not, you should probably go ahead and remove the insulation. Once the insulation is off, you should scrape off any old felt that may be on top of the insulation.

Now, it is time to cut the felt into the correct lengths. You should measure how long the edges are before you start cutting, because you will want to use the right tack. Start at the bottom of your roof and run your measuring tape along the edge to get a good idea of how much material you will need.

The next thing you need to do is cut the traced lines with your sharp knife. You should always stagger your cuts to prevent the sheet metal from stiffening up or getting damaged while you are working. Also stagger your cuts so that you can work in small sections. Start by cutting six pieces of felt for the full width of your roof and then continue cutting along the traced line, cutting twice as far as you did on the previous step. Remember that you should stagger the pieces so that you don’t have an overly long piece sticking out at the bottom.

When you have finished installing the felt, it is time to attach them to the ends of your roof. Start by nailing the last of the felt into place along the edge of your roof and work your way down, nailing the next pieces in place as you go. Make sure to nail each piece in place using the same glue that you used on the previous step. Before you begin nailing down the felt, lay down some chalk lines to guide you. The chalk lines will act as guides for the staples you are about to use.

Another common used method on how to attach roofing felt to a roof is by using roofing material that is dampened. By dampening the roofing material, it prevents the sheet from shrinking while it is in use. If you find that using roofing material that is dampened is not suitable for you, another option is to use roofing nails. However, make sure that you are using nails that are specifically meant for roofing material and that they are dry-humped for extra strength.

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