How To Attach Roofing Felt

how to attach roofing felt

How To Attach Roofing Felt

If you have asphalt or tar roof, then you will not be able to know how to attach roofing felt properly. The process involves some steps and proper knowledge about it. You should know the type of roof you have and how it is done. If you do not know these, you can call contractors from a local company. These companies will give you advice about how to attach felt on the rooftop.

The very first thing to do is to prepare the place which will be covered with the felt. This usually includes removing any loose shingles or tiles on the roof itself. You need to cut out extra felt that might already be attached on the roof itself. The right lengths of these pieces should already be determined depending on the width of your roof. You need to make sure that these lengths fit with the edges of your roof tiles.

Once you have cut these materials out, the next step to learn how to attach roofing felt is getting to work. Start with the longer edges and work your way to the short edges using the felt head of a hammer. Ensure that you have the right measurements for this activity before commencing. You should use at least two hands in order to apply enough pressure to get the right angle and long sides of this roofing material.

Ensure that you use the right amount of pressure when trying to adhere to the felt on the roof above you. The wrong pressure will just cause peeling or shredding of the felt, which is very undesirable. You may need to wait for a while until the felt becomes accustomed to your pressure. Once you know how to attach roofing felt on top of your roof, it will provide you with a much better texture and durable surface which are important especially in the event of heavy snow fall or heavy wind.

Always remember that when dealing with roof tiles, it is advisable that you do not proceed if you feel that there are gaps in between the tiles. You should always seal these spaces so that moisture will not accumulate. When these spaces are not sealed, then the expansion of the water can cause gaps which may lead to moisture collecting and can damage the tiles which may also be very expensive.

One other important tip on how to attach roofing felt is to always try to avoid sharp edge as these can damage your roof as well as the roof tiles. Always ensure that you seal these edges so that no moisture can get through. These edges can be sealed using roof sealant which is very easy to apply. Another important tip on how to attach roofing felt is to ensure that you never use too much pressure when drilling holes. Too much pressure can damage the felt thus, causing it to expand.

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