How to Install Roll Roofing – Installing Your Own Roof

how to install roll roofing

How to Install Roll Roofing – Installing Your Own Roof

How to install roll roofing is similar to how to install shingles. The basic steps are the same. There are however, some differences. This roofing system is very easy to install. Roll roofing systems are commonly used in areas that receive little or no snow. A roll roof has the ability to expand and contract based on the seasons.

First, identify the end of your first rafter with a pencil. Use a leveling tape to measure up to the bottom of your roof. Be sure that you measure the bottom of your attic. Mark it with a pencil. Now, choose roll roofing systems that are appropriate for the area where you will be installing them.

For instance, if you live in an area that receives little or no snow, you can choose a self-leveling variety. It is important that you nail your shingles onto the rafters. Otherwise, if you live in an area where there is a lot of rain, you may want to consider using self-leveling systems. In addition to being self-leveling, you should also use a good quality underlayment. Choosing the right underlayment will keep your roofs from being damaged by moisture.

To install these types of systems, you will need a hammer, nails, shingles, and a roll roofing underlayment. If you already have this in place, you can skip ahead to the next step. Prepare the nails by hammering them into the rafters. You may want to put a sealant on the nail heads to help protect them from moisture.

Nails and shingles need to be driven horizontally into the rafter. This process will create an overlap. If you have never installed rolls before, you should realize that the overlapped strip will become uneven when it dries. Therefore, it is crucial that you drive the nails in slowly in order to evenly distribute the weight. Overlapping will not only look terrible, it will lead to damage to your ceiling.

The next step is to overlap the strip by driving the nails at an angle. You should also take care to overlap the strips in such a way as to allow water to drain properly between the two layers. Most people install their rolls using roofing cement but you can also purchase special coatings. Over the last few years, bondable roofing materials have become popular. You may find that the cost of these products is less than traditional sealants but they are not nearly as reliable.

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