How to Install Roofing Felt

Installing roofing felt is not a very difficult process, it just needs some basic tools and skills to do it. This type of roofing material is used in the majority of new roofs that are built today and is considered to be quite durable compared to other types of roofing materials available today. Roofing felt can be purchased in a variety of different colors depending on the preferences of the homeowner, however there are a few important things that must be considered before making the purchase. Here is how to install roofing felt for the first time.

how to install roofing felt

One thing that needs to be considered before deciding on purchasing roofing felt is how many layers need to be installed in order to get optimum performance. The number one factor that needs to be considered is how many sides of the roof deck will be covered with the felt. You will find that if more layers of felt are needed to cover the roof deck than what is listed in the manufacturer’s instructions then extra cutters and other tools may need to be purchased. Keep in mind that you will also need to have enough overlap to make sure the felt is completely covered in order for the roofing to be satisfactory.

The second step to installing the roofing felt is the need to prepare the tar paper that will be needed once the roofs have been marked off. This tar paper should be used to ensure that all seams are flat and smooth. Once all seams are smooth, it is time to cut the tar paper into the precise size of the roofs. When cutting the tar paper, make sure to keep a little extra so that one of the edges will fit over the overlapping roof material.

After the tar paper has been cut to the proper size for the next step in how to install roofing felt is to remove it from the plastic sheet. Make sure to wear safety glasses and some rubber gloves when working with this type of heavy material. Next you will need to secure the edges of the felt on the flat bottom surface with overlapping tar paper. Make sure to overlap each felt piece a full inch on each side with another inch on top.

The third step to how to install roofing felt involves removing the extra layer of felt that may be on the roof. Once this layer has been removed you will need to trim back any excess felt that is on the roofing. Use a saw that has been properly conditioned to cut the roofing, but use caution and only cut along the edges of the roofs and not through the middle of the roofing. Also try not to cut any valleys into the roofing because this can cause the roof to leak.

Finally, after the attic is protected from the elements it is time to begin installing your new waterproof roofing. If the previous methods are not adequate in your area then you should consider using rubber or composite tiles instead of asphalt. These provide a much more durable roof that will last for decades.

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