Tips on How to Lay Roofing Shingles Made From Asphalt

how to lay roofing shingles

Tips on How to Lay Roofing Shingles Made From Asphalt

One of the simplest repairs to a traditional asphalt roof is how to lay roofing shingles over a traditional pyramid roof. You too can have fun doing it yourself and with your family and while you’re doing the repairs you’ll be having a great time bonding and laughing with friends. This is especially true when you choose to do them yourself instead of hiring a roofing contractor to come in to do the repairs for you. The following tips will help you learn how to lay roofing shingles over a pyramid roof properly and safely.

First, you need to remember that when you are repairing a traditional roof it is typically a two-part process. The first part involves removing any existing roof shingles that might be on the roof. The second part requires adding new roof shingles made of either asphalt or bitumen shingles made of Teflon-coated metal. The roof shingles must be cut to the proper inclination angle equal to the local building code requirements. You can learn more about this requirement by checking your local building codes.

Once you have the new shingles installed, you must start to build the sheathing around them using felt paper. The reason for using felt paper is because you don’t want any moisture to get behind the shingles once they are installed. You should start out by building the width of the felt at least twice the thickness of the shingles so you’ll have an even stronger sheath. You’ll want to stagger your steps and put down a board to keep the shingled edge flat.

After you have the width of the felt attached, it’s time to install the next set of shingles. These will be the asphalt shingles. To install these you just have to measure and cut the holes for the screws in the same way you did with the previous shingle row. You will want to use two nails every six to eight inches along the ridge.

The final step in how to lay roofing shingles is to nail the sheath on. You’ll want to nail one nail in each corner and two nails in the middle of the roofing row to allow for the weight of the roof shingles to spread across the width. Be sure not to nail too close together or the pressure from the roof shingles will cause the bitumen shingles to pop off.

How to Lay Roofing Shingles is a do-it-yourself project that anyone can do. It’s a job that requires some hard work, but the end result will be a durable roof that protect your home from the elements. When properly installed, how to roof with shingles made from asphalt is a relatively quick and easy job. If you’ve never done it before, getting some help from a professional roofer can help make the experience as painless as possible.

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