What Does TPO Roofing Stand For?

TPO or Total Package Overhead is a roofing company’s marketing strategy of providing maximum coverage to clients. It is a promise made by the roofing contractor to the client that the contractor will provide all the materials and installation at the same price as the competition but in lesser time. The phrase ‘pay less and get more’ is very popular in this industry. So what does TPO roofing stand for?

what does tpo roofing stand for

Roofing is an industry where the quality of materials used and the timely completion of projects are always in demand. As roofing companies grow in number, it becomes important to provide high quality work for the customers. This is what contractors aim at. They want to get a good reputation so they do not have to fight over projects.

TPO is the minimum standard required by the contractors. It means the contractor will complete the job even without receiving any money from the customer. In order to achieve 100% completion of the roofing project, the contractor must present all the required documents to the client. If there are any delays in the work, the client can cancel the contract without any penalties.

TPO roofing is also inclusive of all the above mentioned benefits to the customers. The work begins once the referral is done. The customer does not have to worry about anything else. This makes it easy for the customer because everything is taken care of. The only thing the client has to do is to pay the fees that are fixed after the project is completely completed.

Before TPO was introduced, most of the companies in the market were asking the customers for huge amounts of money upfront before they would begin the work. As a result, there were numerous complaints filed against the company’s contractors and the customers lost their confidence in the company and the quality of the work. The new law introduced by the state prevents the contractors and the company’s workers from being able to ask any advance payment from the customer before he actually starts with the job. Hence, this is what does TPO roofing stand for.

Basically, the way TPO roofing works is that the company that does the work will fix the roof of the building and then will make sure that all the materials required are available with them. Once the materials are ready, the contractor will submit the roofing bid along with the estimate of the cost to the state regulatory body. Once the bid is approved, the roofing contractor will start with the work and once completed, the customer will pay the company for his services. In short, the customer now has a guarantee that his roof will be done properly and if anything goes wrong or if there is a defect in the work, he will not be responsible for it as the state protects him from such situations.

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