What is TPO Roofing?

What is TPO roofing? Thermoplastic single Ply roofing membrane is one of the most effective roofing materials. It can provide better resistance to fire, is more durable than most other roofing materials, and is cost-effective when compared to most other roofing systems. Thermoplastic single-ply membrane (also referred to as TMO or thermoplastic membrane) is comprised of a thermoplastic polymer and a hard plastic base. The hard plastic base is often referred to as a ‘die’ or’mat’, and it provides the flexibility and durability needed in the application of Thermoplastic single Ply roofing materials.

what is tpo roofing

Why use Thermoplastic single Ply roofing material? A.M. Best and A.M. Kleene & co. conducted an extensive study of single-ply roofing installation effectiveness and determined that Thermoplastic single Ply roofing systems provided the highest degree of insulation compared to other roofing systems. Thermoplastics provide an extremely effective barrier against heat penetration, providing an energy-efficient barrier against both day and nighttime temperatures. Additionally, because Thermoplastic is thermally broken down to smaller molecules, it is significantly less friable than traditional single-layered roofing systems. Because Thermoplastic single Ply roofing systems provide an extremely high degree of insulation, they are effective in reducing the heat gain from sunshine and reduce air conditioning costs. A.M. Best further determined that Thermoplastic single Ply roofing systems have the ability to easily meet the needs of any home’s energy budget and provide years of satisfactory service.

Why choose Thermoplastic over traditional single-layered roofing systems? A.M. Best further determined that Thermoplastic single Ply roofing systems offer the following benefits: a) Thermoplastic is available in an extensive variety of different thicknesses, b) single-ply roofing systems require the least amount of maintenance c) the installation process for Thermoplastic single Ply roofing systems is quicker than that of any other single-layered roofing system and d) the savings associated with Thermoplastic single Ply roofing systems can be experienced immediately after installation. Moreover, when considering what is TPO roofing, what is the most important factor that you should consider? The answer is time, which is why A.M. Best has determined that Thermoplasty is the best solution for what is TPO roofing at any one time.

How is what is TPO roofing installed? A.M. Best further determined that there are four main methods of installation, which are Dry Deck, Installed Over Dry Grounds, Fastened Over Dry Grounds and Installed Over gravel or tile. Each of these installation methods, however, requires different amounts of materials and skill level. Dry Deck requires the least amount of material to install and also the least amount of skill level. Installed Over Dry Grounds involves laying an asphalt pavement first to create a base for the trenched membrane, then installing the top layer of Thermoplopic membrane using silicone.

Why is what is TPO roofing better than other types of traditional roofing material? A.M. Best further determined that Thermoplopic membranes offer a number of distinct advantages, including: it offers maximum coverage of a given area during a given time; it is one of the least expensive types of roofing material, with the exception of metal roofing, which is usually quite expensive; it allows for a bright white roof installation, which allows for maximum sun resistance; it does not deteriorate over time unlike most other types of traditional roofing material and can be installed over concrete as well as over clay or sandy soil. Furthermore, it has the ability to reduce heat gain and loss, which may be a major factor in areas of high temperature, and has the ability to reduce energy costs. This is because the thermoplopic layer on the membrane protects the foil from heat transfer, which in turn allows heat to dissipate at a faster rate.

What is TPO roofing? Even though it’s a relatively new form of roofing, single-ply roofing is quickly becoming a very popular roofing solution. As its name implies, a single-ply membrane roofing system uses a single sheet of thermoplastic membrane material. These systems are highly effective, low maintenance, and environmentally sound. Other benefits include: it is available in a variety of colors, is easier to install than other types of traditional roofing systems, and is able to withstand high temperatures and inclement weather conditions, which makes it a very attractive roofing solution.

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