How to Estimate Your Roofing Cost

how to estimate roofing cost

How to Estimate Your Roofing Cost

Q: So how to estimate roofing cost? A: There’s one thing for certain, there isn’t any single determining factor that determines how costly a new roof installation would be. Different factors go into play here and generally it’s always a good idea to speak with your chosen contractor about what additional costs you’ll have in order to get the job done correctly and competently. Here are some things to think about in regards to getting an estimate.

* Think about where the house is situated: One of the biggest factors in how to estimate roofing cost is where the house is situated. If the home is in a relatively populated area then naturally the cost of having a roof installed will be more expensive than if the house is located in a less populated area. Certain neighborhoods have higher crime rates and therefore the contractor’s fees will be higher as well. The neighborhood in which the house is located will also determine the quality of the materials used.

* Request different quotes from different contractors: When requesting estimates from different contractors you should keep in mind that different people have different ideas of how to price a job. Some may quote a cheap hourly fee for roofing while another contractor might quote twice that. Keep in mind that the cheapest estimate is not always the best choice. When asking for an estimate, you should ask for a written bid so that you can compare apples to apples.

* Choose a licensed contractor: If you want to get an estimate roofing cost then you should absolutely hire a licensed contractor. A licensed contractor will ensure that they are using the best and most up to date materials on the job. Also, it will give you piece of mind that they are experienced with the particular type of roof that you need. An unlicensed contractor will not be able to guarantee that they are using the best materials and methods. Also, if the estimate is for multiple roofs than it would be wise to look into whether or not the estimate is inclusive of material, labor and other factors. Sometimes an unlicensed contractor will quote a low estimate only to ask for more labor when the job gets done.

* Examine the contract: It’s very important that you have read the entire contract so that you understand what is included in the estimate. Most estimates do not include things such as hidden fees, which can really add up. Also, never pay for labor on the spot. Ask for them to be added onto the estimate. This way you can ensure that you will not pay any additional fees.

* Ask for references: Now that you know how to estimate roofing cost there are a few things that you should ask for references from your contractors. If they refuse or you are uncomfortable asking for references, then make sure that you stay away from them. After all, they are the ones who will be responsible for completing the project and they should be able to provide you with a list of satisfied customers. Another way to find out about their reliability is by reading reviews that are posted online. There are many websites that post reviews of every type of company and if you don’t follow them then you could be at risk of hiring a fly by night contractor.

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