How To Install TPO Roofing – It’s Not As Hard As You Think

how to install tpo roofing

How To Install TPO Roofing – It’s Not As Hard As You Think

When you’re ready to get the best in eco-friendly, renewable building materials, look no further than how to install TPO (tri-fold roof). Installing a green roof is not always an easy job and when you’re working with a tight budget, you might be thinking of going solar only. But a traditional roof will always come with a cost. In addition to paying for the roof, you’ll have to pay for installation, labor and, occasionally, a fair bit of frustration. Fortunately, TPO comes in a variety of vibrant colors so you can really make your roof stand out and do your part to help the environment while saving money at the same time.

TPO is easy recognizable by its distinctive bright red color and long-standing reputation for its numerous benefits. As a cost-effective alternative to most other roofing systems, TPO uses a single molded sheet of thermoplastic polymer to make a waterproof seal on the roof. It combines UV stabilization with an attractive white metallic finish to make a revolutionary moisture-resistant roof that’s also highly flexible and durable. With an unlimited lifetime warranty and easy installation procedures, the versatility of TPO is boundless.

The revolutionary TPO material used in how to install TPO roofs is called Thermoplastics. This is a special rubberized thermoplastic that has superior water resistance properties and the ability to expand or contract to maintain a specific temperature. Thermosets are available in two forms: thermoplastic rubbers and thermoplastic olefin membranes. Thermoples are easy to install and come pre-sealed with a UV stabilization compound, making it ideal for any roofing application.

To know how to install TPO, the first step is to remove the existing roof. If you’re using traditional methods, this might mean digging down into the rafters or attic to reach the rafter. A special roofing nailer can make this job easier. If you’re using an existing roof for your how to install TPO project, be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Make sure to leave enough room to maneuver a ladder.

Next, remove the insulation from the walls and ceiling. Once the insulation is off, it’s time to get to work! Start by removing the three layers of metal clips that seal the seams between the different layers of your how to install roofing installation. Remove and discard all three layers.

Now it’s time to install the insulation. Use your snips to cut the insulation to the right size. Make sure to keep the insulation away from your gutter and downspout. You should expect to spend about two hours installing your how to install the roofing system. Once you’re finished, cover your work with a sheet of weather resistant sheet to prevent water damage and protect your new roof from UV damage.

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