Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Rochester Hills MI in Bitely

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Total reviews rating 3

199 Reviews for Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Rochester Hills MI 2023:

Review №1


This was definitively the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. I went out of my way to find a place with complimentary breakfast only to find out that their truck was “backed up” and they could only provide toast and yogurt. I did not receive any sort of housekeeping during my days there. I had to go down to the front desk to ask for shampoo and conditioner only to find out they only had conditioner. The most concerning part was the cleanliness. I doubted the quality or cleanliness of my room, and it was very concerning considering the price I paid to stay there. There were blood/other stains on the walls in addition to the toilet seat coming off, the toilet paper holder was unsteady making the toilet roll continually fall onto the ground, and the bathroom door was compromised. Lastly, there was just a general dark and dirty demeanor to the room. Would not recommend going here, even in a pinch. Do not waste your money, just bite the bullet and purchase something expensive where you can get your money’s worth. However, the staff was lovely, nice, and accommodating, with what little resources they had. They seemed overworked, stressed, and embarrassed to say the least, of the appearance of the hotel and the fact they could not offer much to the guest.

Review №2


Cleanliness, convenient, rooms are almost always available with smooth and quick check ins. Rooms are clean, tidy, and ready for a pleasant night stay. Hospitality is on another level here, I was craving milk to help me get to sleep, and Andre at the front desk went above and beyond to go to the kitchen and grab me 4 milks; I am stunned at how well this hotel is ran. Hospitality is ingrained in their friendly and loving nature. It feels like Im at home. Beds are extremely comfortable too, well built building, I NEVER hear the neighbors. I love this hotel and every employee here. This is my third stay and I hope there will be many, many more. Thank you Andre.

Review №3


The room was cold, the toilet didnt flush (we were asked to use the one down the hall). There were no other rooms available to move us and the maintenance man was not due to arrive until 9am the following day. The following morning we discovered no hot water and all we could get was a slow trickle of water anyway. The price ended up being 140.00 for the refund was offered. Im contacting their corporate office. Im giving a one star, as that is required in ordered to post. The lobby was very nice and clean. Dont be fooled!

Review №4


I didnt even stay. We booked a suite with a whirlpool tub walked in the room and the bed was not made. Went to complain and they gave us another room. In this room the toilet didnt work and the whirlpool tub had some kind of debris on the outside of it. I didnt feel comfortable so we left. I will never recommend this hotel. It needs to be gutted and renovated and also hire all new staff. Though the girl that was working was helpful she was all alone.

Review №5


Do not stay at this hotel unless you want horrific customer service. When asked for extra towels for our family of 4 ( were given 3) we received disgusting attitude from from desk Andre. They will take any personal belongings left in your room and when informed its been left they will claim nothing was there. We know for a fact a jacket was left, called and they said nothing was there, we know it was left hanging in the closet. Came back an hour out of our way to get it and the manager, desk worker at the time and cleaner all claimed nothing was left. THEN they called us hours later to say it was conveniently found. Management said they would mail it to us... months later have not received it. We are now unfortunately back in this disgusting place as it was the only affordable local option. Same disgusting attitude from Andre when explaining our situation from last time asking what can be done for us for locating our belongings, pretty was told there is no management since they quit and no one is an active manager until the now following week. So pretty much they stole from us, lied about it, then decided to come clean to avoid any negative rep. When explaining what happened and asking for some type of compensation for our missing $400 jacket, even just to accommodate date us in a larger room to fit our family, I was rudely interrupted and loudly spoken over by Andre asking if we are wanting to check in and if we are actually checking in, pretty much threatening/telling us to stop. If our stay was refundable we would be leaving this second. Absolutely appalling staff that work here. Do yourself a favor and avoid this place. If I were new management Id take a good, hard look at your employees.

Review №6


The hotel overall is filthy. The bathroom in our room was very dirty. Hair and dirt in all corners of the floor. The fan in the bathroom did not work. Room was not vacuumed well. There was a rock and broken smoking glass pipe under the night stand. window curtain was broken. The hallway carpet was very dirty. Front desk staff were very nice.

Review №7


The people were friendly and the room was available at a nice price BUT it was definitely not clean. The room itself was very dirty (sheets, the floor, the ceiling in the bathroom) and the surrounding area was very noisy. I can hear every person passing outside (Im on the ground floor) and I can hear stomping/banging from the room above mine. Would not recommend unless youre desperate.

Review №8


A joke of a business. No outlet covers on the outlets in the room (serious fire hazard), used toilet paper in the bathroom (not joking), no one acknowledged me when I walked in and no one was behind the desk. After 10 minutes of waiting the dude that was aimlessly walking around the lobby in street clothes decided it was time to walk behind the counter and help me. Lamps in the room didn’t work, bathroom door didn’t lock, the hotel was dirty in general, I can go on all day. Not to mention, the housekeeping literally quit while I was there. I truly don’t blame them. This place is a train wreck. I wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy.

Review №9


This was probably one of the worst hotel experiences I have encountered. When we checked in the front desk person was ignoring us and talking to the maintenance worker. Then he took a phone and was talking to a guest about how he isnt housekeeping and he cant help them. Then he checked us in. When we arrived to our room the toilet was clogged. We went to the front desk and he said what do you want me to do about it? I aint plunging it and maintenance clocked out. We were told to use the lobby bathroom or book another hotel. We asked to speak to a manager and he said hes clocked out too and doesnt answer his phone. There were no other rooms available in the area as we were in town for a concert. Later in the evening he did contact us and say someones credit card didnt go through so I have another room for you. Overall definitely didnt feel they put guests first. The rooms had a mildew type odor. I was happy we only had to stay 1 night.

Review №10


Dirty room, too high price for quality of room. We rented a kitchenette with a over sized tub, was very outdated only new paint, tv could only use cause we hooked it up, lamps didn’t all work , door hardly shut and no chair lock. The staff was friendly only reason I gave two stars. Will not pay $200 for this quality of a room. No even cups or anything to use in the kitchenette just a sink hot plate in counter top and microwave and fridge. Oh and one cup of coffee … not happy with our stay