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4 (157 comments)

Review №1


The Fenton store looks like its on its last leg. I think these places are all going to close. Guns/ammo/knives are probably the only thing keeping them alive. Their prices on everything but ammo and guns are abysmal.Cashier ladies up front were okay. Back by the guns is a dumpster fire. Its pulling teeth to get any kind of help at all in the guns and ammo section. I ended up walking right out and didnt buy anything.Which is all unfortunate because Dunhams was my go-to sporting goods store for many years when I was younger. I road my bike up to these as a kid.R.I.P.

Review №2


Love coming here to try on clothes I like and then I order them cheaper online! Its like my personal dressing room!

Review №3


Good merchandise- just hard to get help in the shoe department. Hunted an associate down but felt like they were overwhelmed. I felt bad for the employees.

Review №4


Not just this store, but pretty much all Dunhams are like this. Stuff always seems so cramped and over stuffed like they have too much stuff and not enough space to put things. Walking around I run into so many things its hard to walk down or thru anything. Half the time theyre out of what Im looking for and never anyone to help, usually only the cashier I have to ask for help/location of items. So now I just go right to her first because shes the only one that knows whats in that store.

Review №5


Great variety of football cleats and helpful staff! Thanks!

Review №6


I absolutely cannot stand this store. Not only do they not accept any return without a receipt. The same cashier that waited on me 24 hours ago saw me purchased my items I came back into exchange them and she said absolutely not its our store policy without a receipt. Not to mention their customer service is horrible you can never find anyone to help you and when they do help you they act like you are putting them out from doing their job. Save yourself the headache and go to a real sporting good store stay out of Dunhams

Review №7


Good selection. Helpful employees.

Review №8


Just spent $250 on 3 shirts, 1 pack of expensive golf balls, a baseball cap, pair of men’s sandals, and a little fidget toy for my kid. Who knew it would all fit in one tiny little bag😂 thank goodness I told him I didn’t want the hangers lol. Nice kid tho😂

Review №9


The two young employees at the register had atrocious customer service skills you could tell they couldnt wait to get back to texting on their cell phones rather than answer a very simple question. Recommendation to the store manager hire some people that actually have people skills! I would give zero stars if possible.

Review №10


Went to purchase a Henry 22 cal rifle for my nephews first gun. They told me that I could not purchase it because I was from Tennessee and they would only sell to Michigan and neighboring States. Even though federal law states that I can purchase a rifle over state lines. Providing I meet the proper background check. I was told that apparently this is a Dunhams store policy. Totally unacceptable and I will not shop at Dunhams ever again and will spread the word also. I had to give them a 1 star rating to be able to post this but they dont deserve one star

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