Hertz Car Rental - Lansing Capital City Airport (LAN) in Lansing

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Phone: +1 517-321-1445
Site: http://www.hertz.com/rentacar/lo...
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–11:30PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–11:30PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–11:30PM
  • Thursday:8AM–11:30PM
  • Friday:8AM–11:30PM
  • Saturday:10AM–4PM
  • Sunday:11AM–2:30PM
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Total reviews rating 3.1

84 Reviews for Hertz Car Rental - Lansing Capital City Airport (LAN) 2023:

Review №1


Better watch these guys would highly recommend Budget or enterprise.They like to add cleaning bills on your account.They dont answer the phones your lucky if someone is behind the counter when you get there.This Hertz car location is a rip off.

Review №2


Had a rough start to my experience there with having to wait for someone to be at the counter, and my reservation not going through (website problem) but the subsequent service most definitely made up for this. I hope they are able to remedy their staffing issues but regardless they have earned my future business as well as my recommendation to anyone.

Review №3


They are thieves. Dont rent a car here!!!!!They claimed they could not contact me during which time THEY CONFIRM I had called them. multiple times!! They made a mistake and charged me $539.00!!! They are crooks!! They put me on the phone with brian WHO LIED AND CLAIMED to be a field manager who would not give me his last name or any way to identify him, who harrassed Me and lied!! tries to give me an 800 # to call as his boss with no name. Im trying to find out how to contact cooperate and I am getting a lawyer. Dont fall prey to this incompetent company!!!! When I rented the vehicle initially, I had to go get it 40 min. Away. They would not pick me p. My vehicle was in a body shop. The customer service was ridiculous, the employees lie are rude and will not do anything . They are lazy and rude. This was easily the worst experience in customer care I have ever had to endure in my lifetime. Bthis company is deplorable. EMPLOYEES take no responsibility for mistakes and they hang up the phone when you call to complain. . The employees at this location are clearly incompetent. I JUST FOUND OUT YOUR LAST NAME FROM GOOGLE REVIEWS BRIAN AND ILL BE FILING COMPLAINTS against you immediately

Review №4


Honestly my problems have been mostly with Hertz as a company and not this location. Ive had to wait a few times but from everything I picked up it seems more like they are short staffed than anything. The people Ive dealt with at this location have been excellent. Friendly and accommodating and patient with me when Im holding things up somehow. I really think they could use more help there but thats the only thing Ive seen needs improvement at this location. Hertz as a whole company however is a different story. My employer dictates who we rent with so I have no choice but the people here make it all a bit easier to deal with and I appreciate that.

Review №5


Had an absolutely awful experience at the Lansing Airport Hertz. I booked my trip a month in advance for a one-way. When I showed up, not only did I have to wait 30 minutes past my scheduled pickup time before an agent showed up, but the manager (Bryan) was extremely rude and did not even apologize for my loss of time. This was just the beginning of the troubles, however, as I was next told that the rate I booked at would not be honored and that they now wanted (get ready) $1082 a day to rent a vehicle. I was absolutely shocked. Im assuming this was Bryans way of telling me to get lost given that I was vocal about my displeasure with his unprofessional behavior. The excuse that was given was that the location booked for the one-way was not valid (sounds like a Hertz error, not mine!).I lost a week of vacation time and the money that I paid for a hotel that night as a result of my inability to travel. Hertz has still not reached out to me, despite filing a complaint with corporate.Stay away from this company, they are taking advantage of people during the pandemic to pad their bottom-line. I will stick with Enterprise from this point forward.

Review №6


Forgot to fill up van all the way and got charged $150. Gas prices are high but I guess they are using Jet fuel to fill it up. Also van wasnt clean at all when we picked it up, dog hair everywhere but had the beautiful gold sticker of Hertz gold standard of cleaning. Vehicles poorly maintenanced rotors were warped and tires were bald. Certainly made for a great experience, STRONGLY RECOMMEND TAKING YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!!!

Review №7


Listin I am an easy person to please. I get there early I still end up waiting past time to get car. Is not car I asked for. But still took it. Ran fine. Good mileage. Car not very clean! Could see where someone ran a rag over. Then I bring car back in down pour parked where picked up day before. Got a ticket! Airport police say it is in Hertzs position they were warned they never moved it! Now they want to add to my bill??? Shame you were being lazy not doing your job. The lady said we will be right out there do not worry !! Last news I could take after saying goodbye to my friend!!! T

Review №8


I was counting on a car rental for the weekend and reserved a car online. When I showed up to the location in the airport they told me there were no cars available, and none expected to be dropped off before they closed. They never called, and no email. I had a confirmation number for a vehicle and everything. I will never use Hertz again.

Review №9


Do not rent from here! Terrible experience tried saying I owed a 200-500$ deposit the day I dropped it off and that it would be refunded, why would I put a deposit when I’m dropping the car off?? Also I had the car for over a month and they tried saying I had to pay a full detail $300 because of some hair that fell off my clothes from my dogs. Will never come back or recommend.

Review №10


My wife shopped for the best deal and found Hertz best for us. We had family across the country in medically frail state. We were able to take our two dogs which helped us a lot.The car was in excellent condition and service with staff was also very helpful. On our way home there was reports of very serious weather. We called and were told not to worry about dropping the car off early (after hours) as they have a drop off box. This was a nice bonus. My wife and I were able to get the car there and home in time to sleep through the bad weather.Do your homework and find whats best for you. I can say for us well more than likely choose Hertz again when we need a rental again.