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Phone: +1 616-257-3046
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–9PM
  • Thursday:6AM–9PM
  • Friday:6AM–9PM
  • Saturday:6AM–9PM
  • Sunday:8AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 4

199 Reviews for Menards 2023:

Review №1


Went in for a adjustable curtain bracket. Not a single associate had a clue what it was. Sad part about it was the showed no effort on what I was talking about. I was sent to 2 different departments. Should have followed my 1st mind and drove to Lowes. Always have had prompt and knowledgeable assistance. The employees actually know there departments. Lowes is always the way to go.

Review №2


Found what I wanted online. Showed plenty in stock. Loaded up my trailer, drove 25 minutes to the store. Items were out back so I got a ticket at the builders desk, paid for everything, drove around back to where the item was located. There was 1. Found a guy that pulled down what he thought was the correct pallet. It was not. He asked a co-worker and we were informed that they were sold out even though the computer showed stock. I spent $20 in gas and 2 hours of my time. Looks like Im down to one big box hardware store Ill shop at.

Review №3


Awful experienceI recently ordered a garage door online mid March. It indicated this was in stock. I put down my delivery date and never heard anything from Menards.The week of my delivery I called to ask the order desk to ask if everything was still on track for delivery. They told me yes no issues.The day of delivery I called at 3 PM to confirm delivery would take place they - the worker told me “Looks like it’s out for delivery”I called again at 7pm asking for an update. This time the worker again said out for delivery.The day after delivery I got a call from The manager (only after reaching out first) and she said this wasn’t available for delivery. That it is now on back order, and will be a “Special delivery” with another 6-12 weeks.She had no answer to what happened to the door in the stock, why when I called and spoke to workers 3 other times nobody seemed to know this information. Moral of the story this was an awful experience and now I’m having to jump through loopholes to get the refund. I will be sticking with Lowe’s where I might pay more but at least they have decent customer service.

Review №4


Im a big Menards fan but if you want to order online and pick up dont choose this location. Ordered early one afternoon and stopped in about 6pm to pick up. I hadnt received a notification yet saying it was ready but thought it had to be. I was wrong. Walked in because when I called no one answered. Two associates stood there ignoring me like I didnt exist. I had to ask them if they could help me and they just glared. One finally asked me what my order number was and then said someone must be getting it right now. I asked how long and was told dont know. So I left. A day later still no notification saying its ready. Only says in process. Decided Im not wasting another trip there so Ill cancel my order.

Review №5


Pre-ordered timber for a deck ahead of time, when we arrived to pick up The lumber that was pre-ordered that they had communicated was ready for pickup was not in store. Store manager Angela apologizes walks away and basically leaves me hanging with the issue. Terrible customer service

Review №6


Do not recommend ordering anything for a scheduled delivery from this store.They don’t call you to schedule it, and schedule it on a random day for you without notifying you. Called before and told them they are unable to deliver that day as we would be out of town. They still attempted delivery that day, and want to charge us for that attempted delivery even though I told them before we were not able to accept the delivery that day.Then the day that I did schedule with them, and confirmed midweek we were still scheduled for that day, took the day off work and they don’t show up and scheduled for a total different day, again without notifying us.They refused to do any sort of compensation for the inconveniences and still wanted to charge us for the original delivery and the second delivery that we never got.

Review №7


We ordered paver bricks, leveling sand, polymer sand, and paver base sheets and didnt receive what we ordered. We paid for home delivery and were given play sand instead of the polymer sand and gravel instead of the paver base sheets. The delivery guy refused to take the wrong items back, so we had to go to the store and inform them. The department manager was rude and refused to discuss the problem. Another person was called and within minutes he understood what was wrong. The delivery person came a couple of days later and had to move the pallets of things over to get the things that he had to take back. He refused to put them back on the other side of the driveway. Now we have all these pallets in a location thats in the way of getting into the house easily. He also refused to take the play sand back because it wouldnt be on a pallet. They still didnt deliver the correct sand the second time around. So back to Menards we go. What a mess! This whole experience has been very frustrating!!!

Review №8


Good variety of tools,household things, car care supplies.Always plenty of cash registersvooen for quick check out.

Review №9


Online order pickup is located through the back of the sure and not marked. I had to ask multiple employees where it was located. It would be faster to just do inside rather than order for store pick up. There is no parking for curbside pickup and this was not offered online. The store it under construction and it is filthy and dusty inside. Actually, it would be easier to order on and pick up there instead.

Review №10


Placed an online order on January 3rd for pickup after work. When I got there (at about 6pm) the man running the pickup counter handed me a printed receipt and said so this is just a prepay order that you pick yourself, if you wanted us to pick it its an extra charge and sent me on my way. Ive only done online pickup one other time so I didnt question it. I couldnt find the items that I had ordered so I headed to the returns counter to get a refund.Tiffany was very helpful with getting me my refund and stated that this wasnt the first time the guys in the online order area have done this to customers and it is actually their job to have your order ready. I decided to test this out and ordered the exact items from the Menards on Alpine. When I got there my order was ready and pre-picked. I think you guys need to look into that department and figure out whats going on. Ill still shop at menards but I will not be doing any more online orders at your location.

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