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Phone: +1 734-582-4119
Site: http://www.metrodetroitphonerepa...
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–8PM
  • Thursday:10AM–8PM
  • Friday:10AM–8PM
  • Saturday:10AM–8PM
  • Sunday:11AM–5PM
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Total reviews rating 4.8

199 Reviews for Metro Detroit Phone Repair Canton 2023:

Review №1


The team was able to get a new screen for my Moto Ace, which is hard to find. The first case they ordered was flawed (from the manufacturer). They re-ordered and took care of everything. A different shop may have just installed the flawed screen and sent me on my way. I appreciated their knowledge and professional approach. I would definitely recommend Metro Phone Repair in Canton to anyone in need of help.

Review №2


I had dropped my Iphone 11 and cracked the screen. A T-mobile guy had told me great things about this place and how they would fix just about any problem. So i called up the place and Jeff answered the phone. He told me it would only take a half an hour to replace the screen. Ha It took my man guy 15-20 mins and he fixed my charging port along with my screen...Wow He didnt even charge for it. This place is amazing!! Super friendly and out standing repair work. Thank you Guys

Review №3


Terrible service, replaced my phone with an off brand screen an now the screen doesn’t work as it used to before i brought it to this place. not as responsive as it once was, nothing about this phone is what it used to be! do not go here if you enjoy having a perfectly good phone, even if its broken.. go somewhere else other than here.

Review №4


My iPhone screen was broken very badly and it also needed a new screen protector. A new screen and a screen protector were both put on perfectly - it looks like I have a brand new iPhone. Great work - very professional - highly recommend this business✨

Review №5


He replaced my broken screen on my iPhone at a fair price the next day my camera wasn’t working so he said to bring it right in. No charge. Such a nice pleasant man.

Review №6


I’ve been to a couple other tech repair places in the area but none compare to Metro Detroit Phone Repair. I was very impressed by the affordability and durability of their OEM screen replacements. I have referred both my brother and father to their services. We are very happy with the consistency and quality in every repair we’ve gotten done with them. The service is timely and dependable. I was told that my screen repair would be ready for pick up 30 minutes from when I dropped it off and when I came back my device was waiting for me. The staff is very professional and informative. This is the place I know I can rely on for all my tech repair needs.

Review №7


Fast and friendly service at a fair price. Highly recommend them for your phone repair needs.

Review №8


Wonderful advice and very cost-effective. Love my Case on my Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra.

Review №9


So this is a bit of a long story but here it goes;I called these guys about a screen replacement after dropping my phone while working on a ladder and unfortunately the phone landed perfectly flat, shattering it. They were very straightforward with the price for a replacement and with the exact differences between the replacement screen and the original as well as the different levels. Having done this repair myself several times before combined with wanting to select the exact model and type of screen replacement (not something I would recommend if you dont know what you are doing) I decided to order a screen and replace it myself. However, as I dont do this for a living I didnt have the tool necessary to enable the true tone functionality which, although I thought at first I could live without, really started bothering me after a few days. Having called around this was the ONLY place locally that said they had this tool and could do it so I decided to stop by the store and see if they could help me. Went I went to the store they were both quick to agree to do it and for a very reasonable price. Considering this is not a standard request (and that apple would have laughed me out of the store, assuming the supposed genius even could understand what I was talking about), I was very impressed.TLDR; As someone with over a decade in the computer industry and a degree in computer science, I can tell who knows their stuff and who doesnt. These guys both know what they are doing and are very nice and happy to help.Not only will I be back; which between working as a contractor, and using the phone constantly, Im sure its only a matter of time before I drop it again; I will also be recommending them to my friends, neighbors, and customers, especially since not only is their service excellent but their prices are quite reasonable as well.

Review №10


My wife spilled some water on her iPhone and the screen went completely black. I called this location and the gentlemen was very friendly and helpful on what he thought was the issue. I dropped the phone off soon after, and it was repaired within the hour. Amazing service fast, and the gentlemen was very friendly and kind throughout the whole process. Would definitely recommend this location to anyone who needs a phone repair.