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4.2 (65 comments)

Review №1


Have used UPS since 2000! Never a problem at this UPS store. Yep, Ive witnessed Karens that were unprepared and expected butler and maid service instead of a shipping service. Their parents failed them, not UPS!

Review №2


I came here and I had a bunch of shipping they were helpful, I will be coming back, they have great service, great employees, and mean entitled karens who are not ready and dont read their instructions and I feel bad for them sometimes, if you guys see this you are not alone we see the mean people to.

Review №3


According to website UPS store does it all. Including USPS postage. When I asked to mail a letter, snotty employee says we don’t do that. Very rude. Told me to get out.Stay away from this store. They hate life.

Review №4


Rude teenage employees. Customer service has fell apart at this location over the last year. This will be the last time I use this location. Besides rude employees, owner/manager accepts the half story told to her and rants about it. Totally unprofessional

Review №5


I know that no one is perfect. The one thing I can say about this store is that all the people who work here are great. I have read a lot of the comments on the page. I can almost guarantee that most of the people that have left negative comment’s came into the store unprepared or wanted free stuff. So when they were not accommodate the way they wanted to be they throw a fit. When you go somewhere be prepared and know what you are doing and stop acting like the world owes you something. To all the people out their let’s be better adults and kind to others. You never know what the next person is going through. Be safe and god bless everyone.

Review №6


I came to this store and they were closed and they were so helpful in explaining to me where to go and what to do, even know they couldnt help me, I was glad I came.

Review №7


I’ve used this location on several different occasions and have been greeted with nothing but friendly customer service from each employee that has helped me.Jess and Bria were both very helpful in packaging and ensuring the delivery address was correct. Extra review was needed because the package was going to a rural area where their system didn’t recognize the address I provided. It’s a known issue with any delivery service but UPS is the only carrier that doesn’t have a problem delivering there.I wish all UPS stores had employees as friendly and helpful as the employees at the Canton location.

Review №8


Drive few miles to see this place closed and not accepting drop offs

Review №9


Note to all...This store has been closed for the last two days! (June 5-6)Please call before you drive there!

Review №10


I needed to return rental textbooks via UPS mail innovations return (which I did once before this with no problem) and the old lady with blonde hair who works at the counter was completely rude and wouldnt accept my package for return. She didnt give any explanation and didnt even look at my label before telling me no. I checked with another UPS store in the area who said she was wrong and I could return it with them. This lady was unnecessarily mean and unhelpful the time before this as well when she personally took my return from me. Im not a confrontational person and always have a great attitude. I highly do not recommend taking your business here as the staff is incredibly unpleasant and unknowledgeable.

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