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Phone: +1 231-627-1080
Site: https://www.walgreens.com/locato...
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
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Total reviews rating 2.7

28 Reviews for Walgreens 2023:

Review №1


I’ve noticed service becoming increasingly poor at this Walgreen’s pharmacy. It mostly seems to be a lack of communication, perhaps among the staff but mostly with the customers.Tonight was the last straw for my family. I waited in the drive-through behind two vehicles for 20 minutes. Not great but understandable I suppose. Times are tough.When I pulled up to the window it was 2 minutes before 7 (in the cluster of notices and papers on the window one of the schedules said that 7 was closing time. I waited for 15-20 minutes watching 4 different employees walking back and forth, working, eating, etc. I figured they must be busy with folks inside. I wondered if they realized I was there although a couple times I noticed a glance in my direction. (pretending they weren’t seeing me?)At this time I pushed the service button thinking maybe they thought someone else was helping me. No response. A couple more sideways glances at me. I tried catching someone’s eye by waving but no bites.After a total of 40 minutes waiting I gave up. I called the manager and explained. He apologized and said he would say something.I don’t usually leave reviews, let alone negative ones but I hope things improve there and maybe this will help. The least they could have done was say “sorry we are closed”. Like I said, this is not the first awful experience there and other reviews show the same. Meanwhile, we’ll be heading elsewhere.

Review №2


The worst experience I have ever had with a retail business, by far the worst pharmacy in Northern Michigan. I dont have enough time in my day to explain all the unbelievable problems Ive had with Cheboygan Walgreens. Highly recommend everyone to use another pharmacy, like Modern RX!

Review №3


The 5 stars are for the staff. Despite the phenomenal workload especially in the pharmacy department they find a way to remain calm and courteous.Walgreens pharmacy is tasked with being one of a few pharmacies with extended hours and regulations that make them the go-to pharmacy for complicated prescription access.Despite understaffing due to Covid-19 and the responsibility of balancing excessive amounts of critical medications for a large county they show up every day to face a line of urgently upset customers that many times is so long that hour long waits are normal.As the drive-thru line is always busy you will also see workers handling multiple calls and in store customers at the same time. Many days calls are so backed up that customers must drive in to consult staff in person. Just one wait in line will give perspective of the overwhelming task this pharmacy deals with daily. Many customers like myself rely on this pharmacy for well-being.THE SOLUTION FOR EXTENDED WAIT TIMES ON PRESCRIPTIONS IS TO CONTACT THE WALGREENS CORPORATE AND MAKE THEM AWARE THAT THIS COUNTY IS IN DESPERATE NEED OF ANOTHER BRANCH TO REMEDY THE PRESCRIPTION WORKLOAD OF THIS PHARMACY.The only other option is to be patient and understand that these workers go above and beyond to fulfil the massive amount of prescriptions that are backed up everyday.Be kind and patient with new staff so they have time to become the experienced staff we need instead of pressuring them to the point that turnover compounds an already stressed situation.Let the new staff figure out the computer program while kindly asking them to seek guidance from a seasoned staff member. Understand that there are customers that come first in this overburdened system as a lack of medication for them can be fatal.This pharmacy will go out of their way to help anyone if addressed in a respectful, kind manner.As customers we can do our part by using the app to preorder refills ahead of time!Anticipating our pharmacy needs and allowing MORE than adequate time for refills.The app will populate a pickup time but the user can modify that to give more time.Expect that you may still have to wait if you arrive at the pickup time & allow yourself some extra wait time.If you have extra wait time on a particular pickup such as shopping in town you need to do,Offer the extra time to them.It will be appreciated!We are all in this together and we have been since Walgreens offers Covid-19 vaccines as a community we can offer them patience!

Review №4


Horrible.absolutely horrible. Every month I go through the same thing. I wait on hold over an hour to speak to pharmacy. Other than that its decent and I like the Walgreens ap. Somebody needs to pick up the phone more often and take calls. Or hire more people if understaffed.

Review №5


While waiting for a prescription November 24th at 12:15pm my 6 year old twins, myself and about a dozen other customers heard something we should never hear.His name is Stuart.He was yelling...berating someone behind the divider. Full on psycho rage...voice shaking. He yelled at them for a LONG TIME. Out emerged a very elderly couple. The gentleman through tears said all I wanted was to know how long of a wait. I watched other customers moved to tears.Maybe Stuart needs to be reminded Walgreens is receiving massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to administer these vaccines.Stuart needs to be held accountable. This was elder abuse. My 6 year olds were very shaken. Ill be calling corporate.This review is based on one event and is out of character for this store. It will be removed once appropriate action has been taken.

Review №6


I made an appointment for 6:40 and 6:50 for flu shots on October 27. I waited in line for 1/2 hour just to be told they dont give flu shots past 6pm (no weekend appt available).Very disappointing that a huge franchise cant customize their appointment system that will allow customers to make appointment beyond service time. 👎👎

Review №7


If I could leave no stars I woul leave negative stars!! Worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with and I am NOT young and Ive lived in several states.... wouldnt recommend anyone here! Go to Walmart or family fare anywhere but Walgreens! I will be switching very soon!!

Review №8


THANK YOU PHARMACY!!! Helping my Son whom was in a Life n Death accident, insurance Mess!!! Helped straitened everything out! Im ever so greatful! Thank you Cheboygan Walgreens!!! 😆 Especially Katie Judy!! All

Review №9


Had to fill a medication while on vacation here today. Judi was so helpful even though it was crazy busy. She checked with Ray to make sure it was in stock and had it filled within 20 minutes. It was super busy but they were so helpful!

Review №10


The pharmacist, Ray has been a bit judgy in the past. It was a Friday afternoon & a long-term ongoing rx and because the prescription had an error he wouldnt even give me enough of my NECESSARY medication to get me through until they could contact the Dr on Monday so I called corporate & then he made me pay out of pocket over $100 to get the script and I have medicaid that covers it all. I have since found out from the dr that they are supposed to give you a 3 day supply if something like that happens. Just saying....it was really unkind and unnecessary!

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