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Phone: +1 313-305-7160
Opening hours
  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
  • Thursday:Open 24 hours
  • Friday:Open 24 hours
  • Saturday:Open 24 hours
  • Sunday:Open 24 hours
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Total reviews rating 3.7

151 Reviews for Woodward Coin Laundry 2023:

Review №1


Normally, I love this laundromat because it’s the only 24/7 place that I know. I will literally drive from Allen park to do my laundry because my work schedule keeps me up at night.So you won’t believe my frustration when I make the drive and it’s 1:30 AM, lights are on, TV blaring and the doors are locked. Not a person to be seen inside and I called the phone four separate times, no one answered the calls. This happening after my last visit here where the man working that night literally disappeared for actually almost an hour and a half, no exaggerations, man.The next nearest 24 hour place is another 20 minutes further from home than I am already.I love this laundromat, really I do. But something clearly is going on that’s not good for buisness. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Review №2


Its got a terrific set up! The parking lot and entrance very well lit. Men & womens restrooms available and much more WiFi is available too and two screens for your easy listening and watching enjoyment while you do your laundry.

Review №3


I use the $8washer and I could ring my clothes out buy hand and the lady just sat there and said nothing after talking to her. Put $4 in 3 dryer and the clothes feel fresh out the washer how they should have been before putting them in the dryer and the lady said “girl you lying they get pipping hot but never got her big tail out that chair. Never again.

Review №4


Always clean .washing machines and dryers different sizes and prices. Nice attendants.

Review №5


Clean staff is very helpful in and out in no time. Just .25 to dry in big dryer

Review №6


Usually I have a fine experience here, bitkday, of course, Im here waiting. This a d is 24/7/365.... Yet the doors been Locked dor for. 2 hours and 45 minute. Rate down now.

Review №7


Very good laundromat. Clean, well maintained, nice attendants. They also off laundry services for $1/pound. I haven’t found anywhere with a better price then that. I believe all of the staff do laundry. My favorite is Mary. She’s usually there during the day until 4pm. They wash, dry, fold and hang and even provided the hangers at no charge.

Review №8


I must say... I absolutely love this laundromat!!!!!The business i used to utilize was close to my home and the dryers were free to use if you washed there, but Thats where the conveniences ended. It was always dirty/messy/piles of garbage, forgotten clothes and dryer sheets on the floor, disgusting bathroom, half of the dryers didnt operate correctly and there was not anyone on site to help you if you ran into trouble. Not to mention, that part of my neighborhood is not 100% safe (even though the building is part of the Detroit Police Green Light Program)Woodard Coin Laundry is the Polar Opposite of that place! Its clean and well kept, in a great location, clean bathroom, extremely pleasant staff on site 24 hours a day, great washing machines and DRYERS THAT ACTUALLY DRY YOUR CLOTHING ON THE FIRST TRY!! The prices are a touch higher than Im used to, but its totally worth it. They also have different monthly raffles where you can win gift cards and other things AND they even have a contest where you can win free washing privileges for a year!!!!I HIGHLY recommend using this facility. I feel welcome here, i feel safe here (because I wash after work in the evenings) and Im happy that I dont have to travel to the suburbs to get this kind of service. Thanks to the owners and staff for being here!!

Review №9


My family utilizes the laundry service for large loads of linen and towels. They charge $1 per pound and we provide the laundary ODOR BAN disinfectant and white vinegar. Although other employees provide service, Mary has been the most helpful to me. Tuesdays through Saturdays until 4 p.m. Reasonably priced and timely, this service is a life saver. Now, they need a new receipt book! - kaf

Review №10


Wow, Im not sure where the negative reviews are coming from because I left the area and came back 7 years later and still felt comfortable washing here. Now I need a laundromat for short term and this is still my #1choice. Idk what the rude remarks are about-Mary is very cool;just wash your clothes, dry and go-people want you to move hell and high water for them.