When to Replace Roofing?

When to replace roofing materials like tiles, shingles and asphalt, depends on many factors. These may include climate, current trends, aesthetic considerations and costs. In the United States, when to replace roofing is a hot topic. Tiles and metal are two of the most common replaced materials because they last long.

when to replace roofing

Tiles are usually the most economical way to replace a roof. However, they are susceptible to water, wind, ice and snow. They are also more susceptible to damage from pests and insects. If you live in an area that experiences high winds, then the asphalt shingles used to provide roof coverage will likely be damaged by high velocity weather. If you live in a rainy or snowy climate, then the shingles may be weakened by the wetness. If it rains too much during a short period, the water can cause the asphalt to flake apart.

Another benefit of shingles is that they are easy to install. If you do not know how to do this, then hiring a professional to do the job will be more cost effective. Asphalt shingles are also easy to replace. It is relatively easy to saw them off and replace them. If you are replacing them because they are becoming weak or are starting to wear out, then all you need to do is apply some exterior caulk to hold the shingles in place.

The other materials that are most commonly replaced are metal and tiles. When to replace roofing made from these materials depends on factors including wear and tear. When metal roofing is installed, it has to be nailed into place. Nails can rust, bend or break once they are exposed to rain and moisture. When they are replaced, they have to be sanded down and refinished before being painted. This means that your home will not look as nice if the paint is chipped off or chipped away because it will never match the new roofing.

Tile roofing is also hard to replace. Tile roofing has to be removed before a contractor can come in and replace the tiles so there is no chance that you will have unsightly gaps. Tiles are more prone to deterioration than other roofing materials. This means that they need to be replaced more often. If your home is built before 2005, then the chances that you will need new tiles are great.

The final factor that needs to be considered when to replace roofing is aesthetics. When your home is newly built, or when it has been older, you might be tempted to keep the original roofing because you like the way that it looks. In general, however, people tend to change their minds about whether they like the way things look after a few years. You may want to change your mind when the contractor is installing a new roof on your home. Take into consideration the amount of time you will be spending on the project, the cost of hiring a contractor, the potential visual appeal of the new roofing, and other factors. Once all of these things have been reviewed, you will know when to replace roofing.

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